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1. Well this took a while

One of the hardest things for me to do is start. I feel absolutely amazing after a good work out. Even though I know what a great feeling it is to finish a work out, how great it is for my health, starting the actual workout? I can come up with a million reasons not to. It’s to early, I’ll do it later. It’s too late, I’ll do it in the morning. I’m tired, I forgot my Apple Watch, I forgot my headphones. I don’t know what work outs I want to do. I can keep going but its the same with this website. This website has been up for almost 2 years and it took my web designer to harass me for months to finally START. I was the king of “Imma start next week”, “I promise I’m gonna start Monday”, “The job is keeping me busy”, “My Son is keeping me busy”, I’m going to find an excuse you hear me. The good thing about me though is once I get past the hard part of starting I can usually keep it going. So here is to the end of procrastination and raise a glass to starting.

2. Bears making moves

You are going to learn a lot about me from these daily posts. What you will soon figure out is that I am sports fan, especially Chicago sports teams…Specifically Bears and Bulls shout out to the Cubs. So the feeling that I felt when the Bears traded their number 1 pick in this years NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers for the number 9 pick the 61st pick 2024 1st round pick and 2025 2nd round pick PLUS 25 year WR 1 DJ Moore?!?!? Feels like the Bears have a path to success. Well that is as long as our Quarterback Justin Fields develops throwing the ball as much as he did running the ball this past season. I never cared for the idea of trading Justin and keeping the number 1 pick. Look I hear the argument get one of these rookies QB’s coming out in this years draft and trade Justin for multiple picks. With a young QB you get to have them on a rookie contract longer than Justin who has been in the league for 2 years already. To be honest though…I wasn’t really enamored with any of these QB’s over Justin, and I like building around him and now see what he can do with talent in the skill positions.


Lets not forget that Aaron Rogers is about to be traded out of the division…Bear Down baby.

3. No Oscar for Angela Bassett

After watching Wakanda Forever last year I left the theater thinking…it was just an ok movie and Angela Bassett acted her ass off. Whole ass. But when it comes to these comic book movies you have to do some special acting to get nominated for an Oscar. So when her name started coming up during award season I was like “Wait Auntie might have a chance.” Then she started winning awards for actress in a supporting role and she was doing a thing.

Angela Basset Did The Thing GIF - Angela Basset Did The Thing - Discover &  Share GIFs

Usually you can tell who will win the Oscar based on who dominated award season. But Jamie Lee Curtis was stealing some of Angelas shine at some of these awards. And while watching the Oscars they said this was the first time Jamie has been nominated for an Oscar I knew my girl Angela was in trouble. And with Ariana Debose announcing the winners for best supporting actor and actress it felt like a smooth set up for an “Angela Basset did the Thing and Won a Oscar Moment” but instead she called out Jamie Lee Curtis’ name and Angela had to put on the fake smile while the rest of us looked like her husband Courtney.

Angela Bassett reacts to Jamie Lee Curtis' Oscars win
Angela Bassett putting on the “This is some BS” strong face while Courtney Vance (L) looks like the rest of us

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